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Dotcom warns Kiwis about dangers of backing US

by on04 July 2013

Don’t spy on their behalf

Kim Dotcom, founder of online storage company Megaupload has warned the NZ government about the dangers of spying on behalf of the US. 

Dotcom warned the Kiwis about the dangers of following the United States into "the dark ages of spying". He told a parliamentary hearing that a proposed law to broaden surveillance capabilities would make it easier for the United States and other countries to keep track of New Zealanders.

"We should avoid blindly following the U.S. into the dark ages of spying," Dotcom told the hearing into a bill to give its spooks powers to monitor its own citizens. He warned that the Kiwi spooks are subsidiary of the (U.S.) National Security Authority and the U.S. government calls the shots.

A government enquiry last year found its spies acted unlawfully by providing information on Dotcom, a German national with New Zealand residency, to the US before raiding his home.

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