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US Cavalry protects Google from Indians

by on07 May 2013

Get the wagon wheels in a circle

The US government, which has a sterling history in dealing with Indians, has decided that it will protect the poor and harmless search engine Google and the social notworking sites from a Delhi court. A US government agent has told the Indian Government that they will not be able to serve summons to the executives of companies like Google and Facebook because they are not convinced that the content hosted on these sites can cause violence and that these summons impact "free speech principles". It is up to government beaurocrats in the US to decide it its big corporate sponsors have to appear in foreign courts. If the Indians protected its companies in the same way the US would probably invade.

According to Parity, he Indian government wanted to send in the elephants on Google and Facebook and 11 other Internet Companies which were accused of hosting content on their sites that was meant to fuel communal hatred and violence. It all started in December 2011 by Vinay Ray, a journalist, claimed that Internet Companies should be held responsible for hosting content that instigates communal hatred and their executives should be prosecuted. The Indian court issued summons and asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure proper delivery of the papers.

The US said that there are limitations when it comes to protection on free speech when the speech comprises of a true threat or provokes imminent violence. However in its view there is not sufficient evidence of either of these and there does not need to be a court case, so there.

The case is scheduled for a hearing in Delhi on May 21 and the Indian court might be a little miffed that no-one from the US shows up. But Google and Facebook have a few other problems to face. Google has been alleged to have violated Indian cartographical laws and Facebook on the other hand is facing legal troubles for allowing minors to register on Facebook. Delhi High Court is currently awaiting an explanation from the government as to why are minors are allowed to enter contracts with social network.

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