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Intel plans more price drops

by on16 May 2007

Servers and mobile CPU's

VR-Zone is reporting that Intel is planning more price cuts and this time we're talking server and mobile processors. Servers CPU prices are going to be cut on the 22nd of July and the mobile processors are slated for September.

On the sever side of things we're talking Xeon UP and DP, i.e. the X3000 and E/X5000 series of processors.

The price cuts coincide with the release of newer faster processors. The Xeon UP family gets a bus speed bump up to 1,333MHz from the previous 1,066MHz bus, just like the desktop Core 2 Duo processors.

The DP's only get one faster processor at 3GHz, but some of the mid-range models gets over 50 per cent sliced off their price tags.

It's slightly more interesting on the mobile side of things, as we'll see a range of new processors in July, including the Core 2 Extreme mobile part.

Oddly enough the first Core 2 Extreme will come clocked at 2.6GHz in July, but it will be replaced by a 2.8GHz part in September and it's missing from the September price list all together. It looks like it will be demoted to a Core 2 Duo model in September, as there's a 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo added there. At $851 the Core 2 Extreme will add a heafty price tag to any high-end notebook.

The price cuts here aren't as impressive as the server ones, it's more of adjustments to keep the price structure when new CPU's are introduced.

You can find the server CPU prices here and the notebook CPU prices here
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