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Samsung buys 5 percent of Wacom

by on01 February 2013

S-Pen isn’t going anywhere

Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung has bought a 5-percent stake in tablet tech specialist Wacom.

The move indicates Samsung is committed to Wacom technology, which is behind its S-Pen devices. Samsung currently offers S-Pen technology in a number of tablets, as well as Galaxy Note phablets.

Since Wacom is the top active pen maker on the market, Samsung’s decision to use its technology and buy a small stake in the company is hardly surprising. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung proceeds to increase its stake sometime in the future.

S-Pen remains a somewhat controversial feature of Samsung gear. It is basically Samsung’s way of differentiating its products in the overcrowded Android tablet space, but critics claim that it isn’t very useful and that it is more of a gimmick than an innovative and useful feature.

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