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French will force Google and Amazon to pay tax

by on18 January 2013

If they don’t suddenly surrender

The French, fresh from kicking Mali bottom, think that it can take on the might of Google and Amazon and force the pair to pay a bit more tax.

The French government, unless it suddenly surrenders before another lobbying blitzkrieg, will propose a law by year-end to change the way global Internet companies are taxed in France. Like many countries the French are miffed at what they see as tax avoidance by Web giants like Google and Amazon.

Les Echos newspaper, citing a Finance Ministry report entitled 'Taxation of the digital economy,' said the government would seek to tax the user data that nasty Roast Beef eating web companies collect. "Since web companies pay little tax in France on their real business, the authors of the report recommend a taxation system that is based on the user data the companies exploit," the newspaper said.

It seems that the French he government wants to move quickly on the proposals, the newspaper said, and could include them in its budget bill for 2014.  This is obviously some definition of the word “quickly” of which we were not aware.

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