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A piece at a time will be the way THQ goes

by on09 January 2013

EA & Ubisoft join Warner Bros with interest in assets

Another round has gone to the creditors, at least for the time being; the bankruptcy Judge in the THQ case has ruled that the sale of THQ’s assets will be offered a la cart as an option for buyers who are not interested in buying all of THQ. This piecemeal sale of assets on a title by title basis seems to suggest that unless a big time bidder appears to buy it all, THQ will be at an end when the auction happens January 22nd.

The latest rumors claim that EA is interested, along with Ubisoft and Warner Bros Entertainment. The sale of individual titles and the studios that go along with them has left these publishers licking their chops at the possibility of an excellent return on investment if the numbers are right.

There is no word whether Clearwater Capital will still be one of the bidders in an effort to attempt to keep at least some of THQ together.

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