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Rewards for long-time Xbox Live users?

by on15 November 2012

Microsoft celebrates 10 years with free 360s

If you have been a user of Xbox Live since its humble beginnings on the original Xbox, you could be in for a special surprise as Microsoft celebrates 10 years of Xbox Live. Apparently, Microsoft is contacting long-time Xbox Live subscribers and giving away freebies.

What kind of freebies, you might ask?  Well, one user tells of Microsoft giving him a special 10th anniversary-themed Xbox 360 console and a code for 12 more months of Xbox Live. No one seems to know how Microsoft is determining who is getting these special Xbox Live consoles, but users are getting them. No, we have no idea how many Microsoft is giving away nor if they are planning to give away anything else to celebrate 10 years of Xbox Live.

You can see it for yourself right here.

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