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Windows 8 didn’t cause a big sales boost

by on14 November 2012

Component side of PC business

Our friends in the component side of the business, you know motherboards, graphics cards, hard drives, processors and the like, are telling us that they expected a bit more from Windows 8.

They expected a sharper increase in the PC component sales in order to accommodate the brand new Windows 8 operating system. Despite the fact that Windows 8 did increase system sales, especially on the notebook side, it didn’t create the same effect for the desktop PC component side of the industry.

People who rely on game sales, i.e. AIBs, still hope that a few top titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 might boost some sales for them. The general impression is that Windows 8 did not make much of a difference.

“Windows 8 has not really had the real lift we would have liked,” tells us a high ranking industry source who works for a major PC component manufacturer.

We can also confirm that Windows 8 doesn’t need a better PC compared to the one that runs Windows 7, but some people tend to time their hardware upgrades together with the OS upgrade. A lot of PC enthusiast around us want to wait and see how Windows 8 goes before they make the transition.

Here at Fudzilla we can confirm that at least one computers have the Windows 8 while the rest still work on Windows 7 or Android. We also have a couple of fruity iOS devices, believe it or not.

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