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Wal-Mart ditches Amazon for Apple

by on21 September 2012

People don't want Amazon no more

Wal-Mart has decided that it will no longer stock Amazon s Kindle eReaders and tablets and instead will continue to prop up Jobs' Mob and its Walled Garden of delights, It is not clear what has motivated Wal-Mart.

The fact that is proving to be a major competitor with Apple and is producing goods that do similar things at a cheaper price, might have led to the decision. Wal-Mart is having difficulties of its own trying to take on Amazon so it said that the move was consistent with its overall merchandising strategy.

What it could be risking is that Amazon could open its stores where shoppers could try out and buy Kindles. However it seems that Wal-Mart has worked out that selling Kindles is like the Greeks selling the trojan horse to the Trojans and them buying it. But the timing of the decision to pull the plug on Kindles means that Wal-Mart will miss out on holiday season sales of the newest Kindle tablets, which range in price from $159 to $599. But perhaps in the long term it will not lose sales to Amazon's e-retailing line.

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