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Germans like to follow remote working orders

by on18 September 2012

Very precisely

Out of all Europe's remote workers, it appears that the Germans are more likely to obey any orders set by head office. According to research carried out by Imation, German workers are most likely to follow rules around secure remote working, with half of them saying that they always follow company rules. Why is this not surprising?

In the UK only a third of them will obey the rules and a fifth will ignore them completely, go to the pub, read a book, watch porn or have a nice cup of tea. Only six per cent of Germans who take the same lax approach to IT security. French workers are the least aware of IT security policies, with one quarter claiming that they do not know their company’s rules on remote working. Even if they did, what does it matter, they are French. No information on the Italians. We guess they could not get one who picked up the bloody phone.

Nick Banks, head of EMEA and APAC, Imation Mobile Security said that the survey might explain the seeming reluctance of organisations to implement “bring your own device” (BYOD) schemes. After all if only the Germans take the security rules seriously then French machines will surrender to malware and the Brits will be in the pub most of the time.

The independent research, which was carried out in France, Germany and the UK, demonstrates severe shortcomings in corporate security policies and the provision of technology to support remote working guidelines, he said.

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