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Intel shows less than expected at IDF keynote

by on11 September 2012

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IDF 2012: Ultrabooks, Medfield and a pinch of Haswell

To summarize Tuesday’s IDF keynote, Intel has shown off MasterCard payment via future Ultrabooks, it showed a proof of concept of Joga, a new flexible Ultrabook that can look like tablet, it showed a Windows 8 tablet and it demoed Haswell graphics performance.

Intel did show Xeon Phi ex Larrabee, but just the chip as well as the Medfild chip, but no demos of the two. People expected more Haswell, but we got a graphics demo and mention of a 10W Haswell fourth generation core that will come in 2013. Of course it fits Ultrabooks and other standard form factors.

Overall we all expected a bit more and when TechEye editor Mike Magee asked why we should buy Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks when Haswell will be so much better, Dadi simply answered that the next generation will always end up faster.

Intel also showed a 3D camera with motion tracking functionality for use in a Kinect-like feature. The general feeling is that people expected more, as we heard journalists and analysts talking around us.

Stay tuned for more.

Last modified on 11 September 2012
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