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Samsung does four new LCD monitors

by on25 April 2008


Touch of Color series


Samsung launched its Touch of Color (TOC) line of desktop monitors that includes the T190, T220, T240 and T260. These new LCD monitors feature Samsung's well-known sleek design with so called ruby red infusion, and that makes these monitors look rather handsome.

The new TOC series features the unique SoftPower off function which allows a user to put the monitor in standby mode, where it uses only 0.3 watts of power.

Other specs include a maximum contrast ratio of 20,000:1, MagicColor intelligent color control and MagicBright Dynamic Contrast control. The smaller ones, T190 and T220, will feature the 2ms GTG response, while the bigger brothers, T240 and T260, will have a response time of 5ms. The bigger ones, T240 and T260, will also feature an HDMI connection. Naturally T190 is 19-inch, T220 is 22-inch, while T240 is 24-inch; and the last is the biggest T260 that has a whole 26-inches diagonal.

The T190 and T220 are currently available at the suggested price of US$259 and US$359, while the two bigger ones, T240 and T260, should hit retail at the end of July, with the suggested price of US$499 and US$599.


Last modified on 28 April 2008
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