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Manufacturing issues plague Wii U?

by on13 August 2012

Rumored problems building the GamePad

Sources are whispering to us that Nintendo is encountering some “manufacturing issues” with the Wii U console. Other sites suggest that the problems could be enough to delay the launch of the Wii U, but so far Nintendo has not confirmed its specific launch plans for the console. The company is said to be targeting a November launch window.

The manufacturing issues are said to revolve around the Wii U’s GamePad controller, which is perhaps the most advanced controller ever attempted to be produced for a gaming console. The controller features a combination of technologies above and beyond anything ever produced in a GamePad.

While rumors circulated among some software developers that Nintendo had apparently considered delaying the launch of the console till 2013, those rumors were quickly dismissed. Nintendo is committed to shipping the console this year; and even if quantities are limited, it will ship this year.

As for the exact nature of the issues that are plaguing the manufacturing of the GamePad, it is not one specific thing, according to our sources. It seems to be the combination of pieces going together to produce units that will pass quality control testing. Still, it is unknown if this is a sign that the durability of the GamePad might be questionable due to manufacturing issues.

A source claiming to be familiar with the situation tells us, “The quality of the production GamePad will only get better and over time cost will even come down. It is a solid design and because of the technologies used, there are just some growing pains as we have seen in other consoles previously.”

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