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New Office 2013 not for Vista or XP

by on20 July 2012

Microsoft releases system requirements

Microsoft has posted new set of system requirements for its new Office 2013 suite and it looks like Windows Vista and Windows XP are not going to be supported.

The lack of Windows XP support does not come as a surprise and since Vista has been already dropped from Internet Explorer 10 support list, same thing is happening with Office 2013. The new Office 2013 will only be compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2/2012.

The rest of the system requirements are pretty high, or to be precise, higher than what we used to see from Microsoft, at least when Office suite is concerned. The CPU is set at 1GHz or faster x64/x86, 1GB of memory for x86 and 2GB for x64, 3GB of available storage space, almost every browser since IE8, Firefox 10.x, Apple Safari 5 or Chrome 17.x, v3.5 or higher .NET version, a touch enabled device for multi-touch functions (noting that all features and functionallity will be accessable via keyboard and mouse), and DirectX 10 capable graphics card for hardware acceleration.

We already talked about Office 2013 and its looks here. You can find the full set of system requirements here. (via

Last modified on 20 July 2012
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