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Apple to block non-App Store games

by on17 February 2012

Coming with OS-X Mountain Lion Update

While Apple will be bringing its gaming platform from iOS to OS-X, they will also apparently add a new security feature that is said to be called “Gatekeeper;” it will block games and applications by default that are obtained outside of Apple’s App Store offerings. This does not sound like the best of strategies to us when the platform is trying to attract developers to their platform.

While it will be on by default, according to what we know at the moment users will be able to turn it off. It isn’t clear what effect this might have on Steam and games installed from Steam. Developers will be able to get this out by obtaining an official Apple Developer ID that apparently will cost $99 per year, but it is not clear if this will continue to be the case going forward.

The Mountain Lion OS-X upgrade is expected to arrive in the summer and it will be an upgrade that Apple will apparently sell, as they did with the last version of the OS-X upgrade. Mountain Lion will add Apple’s Game Center to desktops and laptops as part of the upgrade. Once released, Game Center should make it possible to play games in cross-platform multiplayer between the OS-X devices and iOS devices, according to what developers are telling us.

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