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Apple television to ship in three sizes

by on06 December 2011

32- to 55-inch apparently

Japanese sources are reporting that Apple’s new smart television set will ship in three sizes, ranging from 32 to 55 inches.

There is no word on the mid range model yet, obviously it should sit somewhere in-between, but it is rather interesting that Apple went for a 32-incher. Thanks to low prices, most consumers are shifting to 40+ inches, but we reckon a 32-inch model still makes sense, as it will probably end up in student dorms, or as a second TV in bedrooms or kids’ rooms.

As we reported last week, Apple guru Gene Muster believes the new telescreens will cost roughly twice as comparable traditional TVs. In terms of specs, there is quite a bit of speculation, but most punters agree that the new TVs will be based on the A6 processor.

Mind you, the Android crowd doesn’t seem willing to let Apple seize the lead this time around. Samsung and LG have already indicated they will launch their smart TVs in the first half of 2012. Apple is expected to do likewise, but some believe Apple will announce them in late 2012, with volume shipments in early 2013. Of course, at this early stage it all sounds like nothing more but an educated guess.

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