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Church of England threatens to withdraw investments in ISPs

by on31 October 2011

In a futile crusade against violent porn

The Church of England is considering withdrawing millions invested in British internet service providers unless they clean up their and limit access to vile pornographic content, which “demeans women and corrupts youth.” Demeaning women and corrupting youth in the name of religion is apparently fine.

The church claims its ethical investment advisory group is reconsidering its guidelines on pornography. In particular, the church is miffed about the ease of access to violent pornography, including images of torture, extreme sexual violence, necrophilia and rape. Such content was outlawed by legislation passed in 2009, but few cases were ever brought to trial.

Now the church is threatening to withdraw tens of millions in investments in British ISPs, unless they act to limit access to such content, which would be a rather complex undertaking. Rev Richard Moy believes the big worry is that the availability of porn leads perfectly normal people to go from soft porn, to hardcore and eventually to “disturbing things”.

Exactly why the church ever chose to invest in ISPs in the first place is unclear. The internet is awash with porn and the church had to be aware of this fact, but it made the investments anyway and didn’t mind collecting the dividends, either.

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