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Apple falls 3 percent on Jobs death

by on06 October 2011

Shadows pale 4S launch
The Frankfurt stock exchange opened some two hours ago and Apple stocks went down about three percent, mostly due to news Steve Jobs, the heart and soul of Apple, has passed away.

We still wait to see what happens when New York Stock Exchange starts trading in some 6 hours from now, but we believe that many analysts are concerned about Apple´s leadership in the years to come. Apple had a clumsy iPhone 4S launch, underwhelming is probably a good word to describe it, as the phone got better camera, better CPU, but failed to deliver a bigger screen or get a new design, something that many have expected.

We believe that this reaction is temporary, as Apple can dominate in the next few years as it has some good products including its music iPod line up, iPhone will remain a stronghold for millions, Apple has quite sexy notebooks and desktops locked with its unique operating systems. It has iTunes, the most dominant music, and video store in the world and iPad, a tablet PC market that it dominates leaving its all competitors playing in the sand.

We strongly believe Apple is more than a one-man company, Jobs will be missed but we are sure that there are hundreds of talented people who will do their best to make good next generation Apple products. Job had a great vision and sense of what market wants, but with iPhone 5 it’s rather simple, make a bigger screen, put an LTE modem inside, and you sell millions of them, guaranteed.

Notebooks, thin and sexy with latest Intel CPUs seem to work just fine and apps, music and books will continue selling no matter what, plus apple has iCloud and new iOS that can make a lot of attention. Overall Apple is here to dominate for years to come.

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