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MSI's GX600 E notebook embraces Blu-ray

by on29 February 2008


Arrivederci HD-DVD

MSI has issued a press release where it finally says that it will go Blu-Ray. We had a chance to test one of the GX600 Extreme gaming notebooks powered by HD-DVD, but this is all part of history.

From now on, MSI GX600 Extreme will ship with a Blu-ray drive, while the rest of the notebook specifications remain the same. For chip and notebook manufacturers it doesn’t matter who has won, as from a encoding side and hardware side Blu-ray and HD-DVD are very similar. All MSI needs to take care of is that the Blu-ray it wants has the standard internal notebook drive connector.

Also, on the decoding side, Nvidia and ATI's chips don’t really care if you have H.264 and VC-1, as they can decode both; some are faster and some are slower, but it can be done.

We cannot say that we are surprised by MSI's move, as HD-DVD is joining a group of fallen marchitectures.

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