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Florida voting database hacked

by on05 July 2011

“Abhaxas” says US democracy is a sham
It is reaching the point where hackers can break into a US server and steal next year's election results.

A hacker dubbed Abhaxas has managed to steal parts of the Florida voting database and posted to Paste2. It appears that the hacker in question wanted to show that voting fraud can easily happen today and dumped parts of the Florida database to prove it.

Florida is a swing State and winning in the region is vital in any presidential campaign. As Abhaxa pointed out if the inside details of Florida voting systems are this easy, voting could easily be rigged. Abhaxas tweeted, “Who believes US voting isn’t tampered with?”

The announcement of the hack is quite appropriate given that the US is celebrating its French backed coup against its lawful king, and its replacement with a corporate oligarchy of business families operating under a sham “republicanism”.
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