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Irish bloke runs up €1,650 data bill

by on29 June 2011

Yes, you’ve guessed it, on porn
An Irish student has learned the hard way that it’s a rather good idea to read the fine print before signing a phone contract.

For reasons that will become apparent shortly the student did not disclose his name, but he got in touch with a local news outlet after he was handed a €1,650 phone bill from Metero. The student claims he agreed to an unlimited data plan, so he downloaded about 80 gigabytes of porn in a month.

“They told me that unlimited internet was part of the deal. I asked the customer service agent [in store] repeatedly to make sure that this was the case, and was repeatedly told that it was. Then two months later I got a bill in the post telling me I owed them about €1,600,” the student told a local student magazine.

Most of the traffic was generated on during a two-week period, since the student moved to a new flat and did not have time to install proper internet access.

In the end the blokes from Meteor showed quite a bit of understanding and agreed to cut the bill to just €400, which still sounds like a lot. Renting VHS porn back in the day was quite a bit cheaper, but this might have something to do with inflation.

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