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Next phase of HD format war starting

by on06 February 2008

It's time to educate consumers

Now that pretty much everyone has declared Blu-ray the winner of the HD format war, the real work begins, which is a required effort to educate the consumers on the benefit of the Blu-ray format. While defeating HD DVD might have easy when compared to trying to convince buyers that they need Blu-ray and it is much better than standard DVD, mass adoption is necessary for the format to be truly successful.

Much bridge building will have to be done to reach those who purchased HD DVD and are now feeling abandoned by the move to Blu-ray. The sales of combo players seems to be picking up by those consumers who already own enough HD DVD titles to make the extra expense worth it. We don’t think that combo players will be around forever, so if you want one, you had better act soon.

According to market research, 7 out of 10 households that own an HD TV see no need to replace their current DVD player. This, combined with all of the confusion surrounding the format war, has put the Blu-ray camp in a pretty difficult position of having to lead the way to educate the public. This step will be necessary if they want to change customers’ minds about their “urgent” need to upgrade.

The delivery of movies using other electronic means such as cable, satellite, or the Internet could also take a bite out of the potential upgrades, as the prices for these continue to climb and the ability to deliver HD quality using these delivery systems continues to grow.

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Last modified on 11 February 2008
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