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Asus EeeKeyboard drops to €299

by on01 February 2011

A bit less pointless now
Remember the Asus' EeeKeyboard? Yes, that stylish and embarrassingly overpriced all-integrated rig that is sure to bring back fond memories to any Spectrum, C64 or Amiga user.

Well, it launched last summer after several delays and needless to say it never took off, which probably had something to do with the €549 price tag. However, Asus has slashed the price by 45 percent to €299, making it quite a bit cheaper, but we're really not sure about the hardware.

It packs Intel's ancient Atom N270 and 1GB of memory. On the upside, it does have a 16GB SSD, HDMI and rather good connectivity, including Bluetooth, WiFi and three USB 2.0 ports. Also, it packs a 5-inch multitouch 800x480 screen.

Still, it's quite hard to recommend it, mainly due to the ageing N270, but look it was never meant to be a practical rig. But if you think of it as a piece of furniture or a nice vase, just something that will look interesting in your living room, we guess it still not that bad.
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