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Sega Master System titles coming to Wii

by on29 January 2008


More virtual console fun

Sega’s Master System titles will be coming to the Wii Virtual Console download service. The Master System was Sega’s console system that was designed to compete with the original Nintendo Entertainment System during the 1980s. While the Master System was never that popular, it did have its share of innovative titles that some gamers really enjoyed.

In addition to the Sega Master System titles, Nintendo will also make available Sega’s Game Gear titles and Sega’s Mark III titles, as well. The Mark III is notable, as it was only released in Japan and never made it over to North America. According to reports, Nintendo has generated 33 million dollars in sales with over 7.8 million items downloaded on the Wii.

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Last modified on 29 January 2008
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