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Windows 8 to be shown at CES?

by on15 December 2010

Rumor mill in overdrive once again
Whispers started late last week that Microsoft might be planning a special sneak preview of Windows 8 during CES. At first, we didn’t think much of the rumor, but now multiple sources are saying that Microsoft could, in fact, be planning a first strike with a look at Windows 8 during CES.

Sources tell us that if Microsoft does go ahead with this sneak preview of Windows 8 to the world, it would likely be a showing of the whizz bang features of the future OS and how they will apply to the new technology that they are talking about:  namely the tablet and software as a service in the cloud.

While we have heard strange rumors of Microsoft talking about products that are far off in the future, we have to admit that we find it hard to believe that Microsoft would even want to start talking about Windows 8 yet, when it is still riding high on the sales of Windows 7. While we doubt there will be any real showing of Windows 8, it is possible that it will be mentioned.

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