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Battlefield Heroes coming for free

by on22 January 2008


First in the series of EA “Play 4 Free” PC titles

EA announced today a new Battlefield game called “Battlefield Heroes” that will be part of a new “Play 4 Free” initiative. The new “Play 4 Free” initiative is targeting games that will be aimed at a mass market audience of gamers on the PC platform that will be supported solely by microtransactions and in-game advertising.

The Battlefield Heroes title will feature a cartoon look that is somewhat similar to Valve’s Team Fortress 2. It will be developed by DICE, the same studio responsible for the majority of the titles in the Battlefield franchise. The game will have multi-player support and built-in match making.

The twist on the game with the cartoon style graphics could be something that classic Battlefield players may not like. The goal, however, is to bring the game to more people; and they do intend to continue the development of the title to keep it fresh in order to keep players hooked. According to reports, EA plans to launch the title later this summer. EA is hopeful that this new model will attract gamers’ attention and become popular.
Last modified on 22 January 2008
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