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Blekko doing well

by on10 November 2010

Getting a million searches a day
After a week of operations, the new Blekko search engine has made its target of getting a million hits a day. Google gets a billion searches a day, but the lower figure is just what the well funded search engine wanted.

Blekko aims to cut down on search-result spam by having human editors identify the best sites to search for given topics. These slashtags are suggested to users as they type queries. For queries about health and seven other topics, Blekko automatically runs the user’s query against the editorially picked sites, rather than against a full index of the web.

That auto-narrowing was a last-minute addition to Blekko and is now automatically redirecting approximately eight percent of its searches already.

Users created around 30,000 of these custom site searches in the first week, which is more than three times as many as were created in the company’s three-month closed test.

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