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RIM’s pad device will not use OS 6

by on20 August 2010

Will instead use an embedded version of QNX
For a while now we have all been hearing whispers of a BlackBerry iPad type device that RIM has been apparently working on. Now, sources are confirming to us that the BlackPad (as it has started being called) will not use the BlackBerry OS 6, but instead will use an embedded version of QNX that was acquired in a recent purchase.

The decision not to use BlackBerry OS 6 and build it up for use in the BlackPad apparently is due to legacy code that is still present in OS 6 that makes using it for this purpose not the best decision. The decision to use QNX instead could be a very good long-term decision, as it will give RIM a foundation to do some things that they have not been very successful in within their own OS when it comes to multimedia applications.

Multimedia applications will, of course, be important for the BlackPad as it is targeted to be an entertainment device as well as something for use in the enterprise market space. Still, we know that developer support will be important and we just don’t know enough about what the BlackPad can do or offer to know if developers are going to get fired up to build applications for it. Keep your eye on this one, as it could be successful where many of the other “pad type” devices from other manufacturers may fail.
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