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Next Bungie title targeted at the future

by on05 August 2010

Planning for Xbox 720 & PlayStation 4 releases
According to sources, Bungie is already planning its next and first multiplatform release for the next generation of consoles. What this means is that this title is targeted at the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, or whatever this next generation of consoles is eventually named.

Bungie is planning for the future, but it knows that its next title likely will have to span multiple hardware platforms, so it is getting prepared to support multiple generations of hardware. The news comes as the developer admits that Halo: Reach comes close (if not pushes the limit) to what the Xbox 360 is capable of delivering. Sources tell us that Bungie does expect developers to continue to get more out of the Xbox 360, so it is not exactly over yet on what that platform can deliver.

Bungie has also revealed that a number of Halo 2 maps are being converted and enhanced for addition to Halo: Reach. It is unknown if these multiplayer maps will be free or will instead be a download that you can purchase, but whispers indicate that it is likely that there will be a charge for the maps.
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