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Sony starts to make money again

by on03 August 2010

PS3 helps out for once
Sony has started making money again thanks to a combination of increased computer sales and tellies. But the word on the street is that Sony is finally making cash from the PS3.

After years trying to flog the PS3 at outragious prices and being surprised that people bought XBoxes and the Nintendo Wii instead, Sony dropped the price to something a little more reasonable and people started to buy them.

Sony's Networked Products and Services, which are PCs and PlayStations, recorded a 32.4 percent year-on-year increase. During the quarter, 2.4 million PS3s were sold. There were 1.2 million PSPs and 1.6 PS2s sold in that same period last year. Overall revenue inched up 3.8 percent, and the company posted a US$295 million net profit.

Now if Sony had listened to what I was writing two years ago and competed with Microsoft on price rather than sitting smugly back and saying “people will buy it” it might have made it back into the black a damn sight quicker.

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