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8800 GT cheaper than HD 3870

by on24 December 2007

At least in Taiwan

During a visit to the computer market in Taipei we spotted some GeForce 8800GT cards that are selling for less than Radeon HD 3870 cards here, and we're not talking about the 256MB version here.

Although we couldn't quite make out who the manufacturer was, one shop was listing an 8800 GT 512MB card for NT$100 or a whopping €2 less than what an average priced Radeon HD 3870 was going for in the same shop.

The 8800GT was selling for €177.50 while the HD 3870 was €179.50, although the same shop was also listing a cheaper Hd 3870 card for €175.50.

Maybe we'll see the 8800 GT hitting its initial expected price level come next year if this price trend spreads.
Last modified on 24 December 2007
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