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Ignore Leaked Windows 8 slides

by on01 July 2010

Industry analyst warns
People should not be reading too much into the leaked Windows 8 slides according to a Microsoft watcher. The slides were leaked onto the web a couple of days ago and include details such as facial recognition for log-ons to support for slates.

However Michael Cherry, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, a firm that only tracks Microsoft warned there is no indications that any of the services listed will see the light of day. He told Computerworld that it was not clear when the document was created. If Redmond created it at the beginning of the development cycle it would be all “brainstorming and blue-sky”.

Numerous news sites and blogs reported the slide's details and Cherry was concerned that they accepted the data at face value. He warned that people were making assumptions about where Microsoft is at in the cycle, and they may fall in love with a feature, that when resources and time to develop actually come into play, just isn't feasible.

One example of this was WinFS which was the storage subsystem once planned for the operating system that became Vista. Microsoft killed the system when it was forced to restart work on the troubled OS.

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