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Warner focused on integrating new acquisitions

by on21 June 2010

Publisher putting its ducks in a row for the future

Warner Bros has been busy over the past couple of months recovering from all of the new acquisitions that the publisher made. While the biggest of these was the purchase of the majority of the Midway assets, the purchase of a stake in Rocksteady and TT Games were also recent investments for future growth of the publisher.

Sources tell us that the company is spending a lot of time and effort to integrate the new acquisitions and chart a course for the future. The company has a significant slate of new offerings to be released this year.

Beyond the upcoming Lego titles from TT Games, Warner will be looking to F.E.A.R 3 and first Warner Mortal Kombat offerings as the big titles to arrive this year. The second Batman Arkham Asylum title is also in development by Rocksteady, but our sources are telling us that it is likely that it will not arrive this year.

F.E.A.R 3 will slated for delivery in October and it is possible that Mortal Kombat could yet arrive this year, but so far no one has confirmed when the official potential deliver date will be. Warner plans to let things settle for a while before taking on any additional acquisitions.

Sources tell us that Warner is currently examining the Midway assets and looking at the best ways to use them. Some announcements surrounding those assets could be made later this year in the form of the return of download retro releases from the Midway catalog that Warner now owns. Whispers from the shadows tell us that perhaps one or more of the Midway retro arcade titles might be updated and revisited, as we have seen other publishers experimenting with as of late.

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