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Veteran Gamespot editor gets sacked

by on02 December 2007


For a negative review of an Eidos game


According to various Websites and sources, veteran reviewer and editor Jeff Gerstmann got sacked from Gamespot. The rumor has it that all of this happened over an objective, but unfavorable, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review.

Jeff 's review gave Kane & Lynch a score of 6.0, which translates as "fair" on Gamespot's scale, and according to the rumors circulating, this wasn't good enough for Eidos, as the company had advertised Kane & Lynch all over Gamespot. Jeff Gerstmann did confirm that he is no longer working for Gamespot, but didn't comment on the "firing issue," which is probably what any legal adviser would recommend.

Gamespot, Eidos and CNet are currently in our favorite "no comment" mode. Jeff's video, as well as the written review of the game has been taken off Gamespot. Just for comparison, the average score for Kane & Lynch on other sites is around 60-70 percent, or in other words - average or just above average. If it turns out that Jeff Gerstmann did indeed get fired because of his review, Eidos and Gamespot will not have a bright future, considering that they are already experiencing a community "trashing". On the other hand, Jeff Gerstmann has the full support of gamers and hacks around the web.

We will just have to sit back and wait and see how will this situation will be resolved.

Last modified on 03 December 2007
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