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?Storm? Trojan resurfaces

by on14 October 2007


Laughing cat attachment launches malware


The hackers building a botnet to seed the “Storm” Trojan have resurfaced and are now releasing a new attack of e-mails with attachments that lead to a URL link that when clicked on launches an exploit-filled Web site and a laughing cat. 

The Storm virus is a Trojan horse that acts to compromise Windows-driven computers and add them to a bot network of infected vulnerable computers that can then be directed to hack other Web sites, send other malicious e-mails and launch malware. The actual botnet Storm size is unknown, but some estimate that it consists of hundreds of thousands of compromised computers.

As of October 11th, Storm hackers have been reportedly sending messages that bear the text, "Here is the new Psycho cat card," along with a URL link. When the link is clicked on users are connected to a Web site with a greeting and a Shockwave clip of a laughing cat with a soundtrack. The Web site is actually loaded with numerous “drive by” exploits as well as links to the executable “Superlaugh.exe”, a file that is a variant of the Storm Trojan. This information has been verified by software anti-virus developer, McAfee, Inc.

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Last modified on 14 October 2007
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