Why I canceled my Amazon Prime
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It actually makes perfect sense

Everyone is on about  Black Friday, and the upcoming Cyber Monday but a few weeks ago, I canceled my Prime membership

British ISPs banned from massaging broadband speed figures
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You can’t claim speeds that most users don’t get

Broadband firms will no longer be able to advertise broadband speeds based numbers that only a few customers get.

European Parliament clamps down on spying hardware
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This gear threatening security and human rights

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly backed plans to control exports of devices to intercept mobile phone calls, hack computers or circumvent passwords that could be used by foreign states to suppress political opponents or activists.

Ajit Pai wants to reverse BitTorrent decision
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FCC made a mistake allowing its existence

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who appears to have set a goal of sending the US internet into the dark ages, is digging up an old rule which stopped telcos from killing off BitTorrent.

When Intel 8 Gen Core HBM 2 meets the GPU it's the P22
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Vega based coming in Q1 18 ish

Intel has been working on what was internally called the Paolo Alto P22 project and that was the Vega HBM 2 based GPU that takes closely to Intel’s 8th Generation CPU.

EU to outlaw online geo-blocking
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Unless you are big content

The European Union has agreed on a plan obliging online retailers to make electrical products, concert tickets or car rental available to all EU consumers regardless of where they live.

Adobe boss warns against the perils of Excel
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Spreadsheet stuck in the 80s

The boss of the super secure Flash player has warned his staff to stop using Excel because it is out of date.

Apple only interested in white Americans
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No stores in black areas

The fruity-cargo cult Apple has no interest in peddling its rich toys to US black areas and appears to have segregated its distribution, according to a new study.

FCC ignored 22 million public comments
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Democracy is something for other countries

The FCC ignored more than 22 million comments chiming in on the net neutrality debate and only listened to the views of big corporations.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ shown off at CES
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A little early

Samsung is planning to show off its next-generation Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.