Atos  shares fall after Gemalto  rebuff
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Wall Street expected a win

Shares in Atos fell as much as 2.8 percent after Franco-Dutch chip maker Gemalto rejected its 4.3 billion euro takeover bid.

Google AI-bod does deal with Foxconn
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AI workers and machine learning on the factory floor

Google's Andrew Ng has launches a new venture with Foxconn to bring AI and so-called machine learning onto the factory floor.

Trump wants government on the cloud
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Make it easier for Russians to access

US comedy president Donald (prince of orange) Trump is apparently very enthusiastic about shoving lots of government data onto the clouds.

Corsair releases 4,000MHz DDR4 SODIMM memory kit
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The 32GB kit running at 4,000MHz CL19

Corsair has unveiled its fastest DDR4 SODIMM memory kit that will be a part of its Vengeance lineup and feature four 8GB modules running at 4,000MHz at 1.35V.

AMD open sources its Vulkan
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The needs of the few…

AMD's Vulkan Linux driver which was initially going to be closed-source and open-sourced when it was finished, is now totally open sourced.

British bloke gets broadband using wet string
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Who needs Cat 5 ?

A UK ISP techie has managed to set up broadband cables using just wet string.

Analysts expect AMD to go EPYC
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If it can claw back 10 percent of the server market it will be in clover

AMD had a pretty good year this year, but that did not appear to do much for its share price which remained fairly static.

Intel releases low-power Pentium 'Silver' and Celeron successors
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Gemini Lake architecture 

Intel has released the successors to its low-power Pentium 'Silver' and Celeron lines which are based on the Gemini Lake architecture.

Does Tidal have only six months to live?
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Listening standards have slipped

Music outfit Tidal has only six months' worth of money left in a sign that punters are not interested in audiophile grade music.

Nintendo's Switch may be better than a Wii
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Slashing the Wii's records

Nintendo of America's President,  Reggie Fils-Aime told Variety that its Switch gizmo could even top first year sales of the Wii – the company’s best selling console yet–if momentum holds up through the holidays.