ADATA announces 16GB XPG DDR4-4600 memory kit
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Showcase at CES 2018, available Q1 2018

ADATA has announced its latest XPG Z1 DDR4 memory kit which will be showcased at the CES 2018 show and available in Q1 2018, the XPG Z1 16GB DDR4-4600.

Geeks hiring hookers from work
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Seattle brothels going bonkers for Microsoft and Amazon employees

A scandal has erupted in Seattle after it was discovered that the region's top geeks were booking hookers while at work.

TSMC gears up to take Qualcomm business from Samsung next year
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Samsung can’t churn out 7nm chips in 2018

TSMC will nick some of Qualcomm modem chip and core processor orders from its biggest rival Samsung Electronics next year.

PoE Texas launches the POE-USBC-Kit
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USB-C with PD and Power Over Ethernet

As many manufacturers including Apple, Google, and Samsung standardise on USB Type-C (USB-C) with the new Power Delivery (PD) protocol, CoolGear and PoE Texas have joined forces to combine USB-C with PD and Power Over Ethernet.

Apple faces more bad news on IPhoneX
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Predictions get gloomier

Staff at the fruity cargo cult Apple will be hitting the Christmas spirits over the holidays as it looks like the company's cunning plan of keeping its iPhone cash cow alive by making users pay more has failed.

Sony Snapdragon 845 phone benchmarked
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H8266 with 4GB RAM

Sony will have at least four new phones coming in early 2018 and the H8266 version with the Snapdragon 845 just got benchmarked. It shows a big improvement over the predecessor.

Samsung shopping for parts for new Galaxy S9 series
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Off to suppliers with its shopping trolley

Word on the street is that buyers for Samsung have been seen pushing a shopping trolley between vendors as they gather parts for the next Galaxy S9 series.

Sony Snapdragon 845 phone specs revealed
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Decent horsepower

Sony is working on a successor to the Z1 series, and it is Snapdragon 845 based. We expect this phone to launch at the Mobile World Congress in the last days of February 2018.

Cannon Lake was supposed to be Gen 7
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Intel's 10nm is two years late

Intel hasn't announced its 10nm processors, despite us expecting them before the end of 2017. While there is a good indication that we shall see 10nm from Intel in 2018, it means that Chipzilla is two years behind with 10nm.

FLIR One PRO turns up the heat
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Quick review: Check out your central heating dot com

Thermal imaging was beyond the pockets of most people not so long ago, but it's becoming more affordable and here we review a device which plugs into the USB Type C socket or a Micro USB socket on your smartphone or tablet and is driven by a downloadable Android or iPhone app.