This is the 5G phone prototype mock up
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Qualcomm’s three mm wave antenna

Last year in October we saw Cristiano Amon, a EVP of Qualcomm at that time, holding a 5G prototype in his hand. This time, we had a chance to play with a mock up of an actual 5G NR, a phone form factor prototype in Beijing, China.

Dell XPS 15 2in1 looks like a winner
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Radeon Vega Intel and Gore space cooling

It is not every day that you have a chance to chat with the general manager of Alienware and the chief man in charge for the XPS units. Frank Azor, the GM of Alienware and XPS, as well as Donnie Oliphant, Sr. Director and General Manager XPS and Dell Gaming helped us understand the choices behind one of the highly anticipated XPS 15 2in1 2018 notebooks.  

Intel intros edgy Xeon
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07 February 2018

Intel intros edgy Xeon

Let's get scalable

Chip giant Intel said it has released its Xeon D-2100 microprocessor.

AMD sued over Spectre exploits
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It should not have spoken until it was certain

AMD has been sued by a company because of the way it handled the Spectre and Meltdown bugs.

Hynix releases SSDs based on 72 layer 3D NAND
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Aimed at the datacentre

Hynix has released a new range of SSDs based on 72 layer 3D NAND.

HP refreshes EliteBook 800
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Fifth generation

HP today made a range of announcements regarding its business PC lineup and announced new mobile workstations and a refreshed EliteBook 800 series – making it 5th generation.

Huawei looks to UK after US snub
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The US number one spying chum has no problem

While the US claims that Huawei is a spy for the Chinese government, it seems that the UK, which does a lot of US spy work, has no problem working with the company.

Telecom Italia shifts fixed line assets
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Keeping the French out of the backbone

Telecom Italia plans to confer all of its fixed line network assets into a separate company which will be fully controlled by the group.

Killing net neutrality has solved US competition problems
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FCC claims the big telcos are now competing

Desperate to prove that killing net neutrality was not designed to make telcos richer at the expense of the rest of the US, the FCC has gone into full spin mode.

Nokia and Qualcomm have successful 5G test
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3.5Ghz and 28Ghz spectrum compliant

Nokia and Qualcomm have completed interoperability testing in the 3.5Ghz and 28Ghz spectrum compliant with the global 3GPP 5G NR Release 15 standard using the commercially available Nokia AirScale base station and device prototypes from Qualcomm Technologies.