Russians come up with new superscreen tech
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OLED is really looking silly now

Lomonosov Moscow State University boffins and their chums at the Russian Academy of Sciences have emerged from their smoke filled labs holding a  new liquid crystal material with high potential as a basis for brighter, faster, energy saving displays with higher resolution.

Microsoft to jack more AI into Windows 10
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Microsoft looks forward to working with more primitive biological lifeforms 

Microsoft, whose staff apparently have not seen 2001: A Space Oddysey, is planning to jack more AI capabilities inside Windows 10.

Oculus Rift virtually bricks itself
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The software could not phone home 

Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets around the world bricked themselves due to a problem when they phoned home.

Android P falls for the notch
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In door navigation, new AI and camera API

2018 is all about a  bezel less screen with a notch, at least for the high end Androids and iPhones. Google is aware of that and the Android P has improved support, with the notch in mind.

Full set of AMD Ryzen 2000 "Pinnacle Ridge" slides leaks online
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The lineup includes four SKUs, ranging from $199 to $369

Following a recent leak where we saw some of the first Ryzen 2000 CPU benchmarks -  codenamed Pinnacle Ridge - we now have the full set of slides which show the launch lineup, scheduled for April, as well as more performance and feature details for both CPUs and the new X470 chipset.

ASRock could be entering the graphics card market
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Cryptocurrency craze too lucrative to pass

According to a  report, ASRock may enter the graphics card market, with AMD Radeon graphics cards as the most likely choice.

First Ryzen 2 CPU benchmarks appear online
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Ryzen 7 2000 running at up to 4.35GHz

A leak coming from South Korea has revealed some of the first performance details regarding AMD's upcoming 2nd generation Ryzen CPUs based on 12nm Zen+ architecture.

OnePlus 6 might come with a notch
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Q2 2018 with Snapdragon 845

It was confirmed a while ago by OnePlus' CEO that the successor to the OnePlus 5T will come in Q2 2018 powered by Snapdragon 845. The first leaked images suggest that the phone might come with an iPhone like notch.

OPPO R15 follows the notch
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Official images

Oppo is about to launch its Oppo R15 and Oppo R15 Dream Mirror Edition phones and yes, they will have a notch. The company has already started taking pre-orders and has a website that reveals a lot, including the final design.

T-Mobile gives all you can eat broadband deal
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79.95 euro a month,

Deutsche Telekom launched its first all-you-can-eat mobile tariff in its home market Germany. Dubbed the MagentaMobil XL package it will set you back 79.95 euro a month but includes unlimited high-speed data for surfing and streaming within Germany, and 23 gigabytes of data for roaming across the European Union.