IBM builds smallest computer
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Can't touch this

IBM has been showing off what it calls the world's smallest computer.

IBM wants total power in the datacentre
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All your datacentres should belong to Big Blue

IBM is quietly confident that its new POWER chip can sweep ARM and x86 out of the datacentre market.

YouTube has a neo-Nazi problem
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Neo-Nazis discover the power of music

A BBC investigation has found how neo-Nazis have been able to take over YouTube by using hate music which YouTube has been powerless to stop.

Xilinx says computing after Moore’s Law is called ACAP
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Adaptive compute acceleration platform

Intel's Gordon Moore came with one of the most prominent rules/"laws" of the semiconductor industry, that the number of transistors on chip would double every 18th month.

Windows Redstone 4 expected in April
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Starts "Windows 10 on Snapdragon" era

HP has already announced its Envy X2 Snapdragon 835 based "always connected" notebook and managed to sell a few thousand in a matter of hours.

Uber self-driving car kills woman
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Uber suspends tests

A woman died in Tempe, Arizona after an autonomous automobile knocked her over as she was crossing the road.

Xilinx releases 7nm programmable chip
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Cost a billion to make

Xilinx has revealed its adaptive computer acceleration platform (ACAP), which is a new kind of programmable chip for flexible hardware.

Apple developing MicroLED device displays
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Asian suppliers might be knifed soon

Apple's Asian supplies might be about to receive the long expected knife in the back.

Trump and Brexit campaigners exploited Facebook hack
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Gaming the elections using 21st tech

Two of the great election surprises of the 21st century, the election of Donald Trump and the successful Brexit campaign might have been the result of a rather good Facebook hack.

Apple markets its software bugs
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Don't you wish your Android had this many bugs?

Apple’s buggy software is now such a part of its users lives, Jobs’ Mob has taken to promoting it in its adverts.