Firms investing fortunes in AI
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Spending reaching $19.1 billion in 2018.

Tarot readers at IDC have shuffled their decks and decided that worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $19.1 billion in 2018.

MSI pulls back after "lone employee" attacks AMD
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Comments did not have our blessing

MSI Gaming has gone into damage control mode after its official Facebook page for India waded into AMD Radeon graphics cards, saying that "Nvidia currently are ahead in the GPU experience" and suggesting the competition is sub-par.

EU says it still might break up Google
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Best not to rule it out

The European Union holds “grave suspicions” about the dominance of internet giant Google and has not ruled out breaking it up, according to the EU’s antitrust chief.

Guccifer 2.0 accidently outs himself as a Russian spook
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One slip up has given the game away

While most people have suspected Guccifer 2.0 works for Russian intelligence and is not the  peace-loving Romanian activitist he claimed, actual evidence has been thin on the ground.

Uber's self driving car not up to snuff
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Gear is failing to live up to expectations

Uber's self-driving car gear consistantly lived up to expectations before it killed a Tempe pedestrian, according to US reports.

There's no Love for the US
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High Court will not extradite hacker

The UK's High Court will not send Lauri Love to face trial in the US for hacking government computer systems. Instead it has issued a final refusal to overturn Love's successful appeal of his extradition which kills the US attempt to sentence the hacker for a hundred years in one of its private prisons down the loo.

Why it is probably a good idea to delete Facebook from your phone
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It records your phone details

Even if you think keeping Facebook on your computer is a good idea, it might not be sensible to keep the software on your mobile phone.

US Justice Department has another go at cracking smartphones
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Still wants to force tech companies to install backdoors to encryption

The US Department of Justice is refusing to give up on its plans to force tech companies to build tools into smartphones and other devices that would allow access to encrypted data in criminal investigations.

Corsair launches improved Hydro Series H60 liquid CPU cooler
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With redesigned cooling block, better fan and LED logo

Calling it the 2018 Edition, Corsair has released a revised version of its quite popular Hydro Series H60 liquid CPU cooler, giving it a redesigned cold plate, a slightly updated radiator with better fan, white LED lighting on the pump/block unit and more.

Shadowgun Legends now available on Android and iOS
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Probably one of the best FPS mobile games around

Madfinger Games has officially released Shadowgun Legends on Android, iOS, Apple TV and Nvidia Shield TV.