UK wants tech companies to sign a diversity charter
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Already 150 have agreed

The UK government wants tech giants to commit to interviewing more women for new roles, amid widespread concerns over the lack of diversity in the technology industry.

Samsung boss walks free from jail
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So no change in Korea’s legal system

Hopes that there might be changes to make South Korea’s legal system fairer have been abandoned after the legal system gave the leader of the Samsung business empire a get out of jail free card.

Chipzilla and MediaTek should have a good year
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Thanks to improved margins

The goodly souls at Digitimes have been interviewing their typewriters and industry sources and discovered that Intel and MediaTek should have much better results in 2018.

BT sees giant rise in third quarter profits
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Confident about full-year outcome

BT is saying that it will have a 25 percent rise in third quarter pretax profit and is confident about its full year outcome.

Microsoft Defender will block dodgy scareware
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Saving customers from themselves

Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to protect Windows users from scareware that convinces people to buy or upgrade products.

New Office will only run on Windows 10
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You probably were not expecting this

Software king of the world Microsoft has decided that its nice new shiny Office 2019 will not run on versions of Windows before Windows 10.

New zero day Flash bug in the wild
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A present from best Korea

South Korean authorities have issued a warning regarding a brand new Flash zero day exploit has been deployed in the wild after being written by the glorious North Korean leader and Apple fanboy Kim Jong-un. 

Apple starts selling old phones
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At a miserable ten percent discount

The Tame Apple Press has made a big deal about Apple flogging recycled phones and how great they are for the environment, but it is pretty clear that Jobs’ Mob does not really understand what value an old iPhone actually has.

Smartphone figures are rubbish
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Key players lose ground

Number crunchers at IDC have added up some figures and divided them by its collective shoe size and worked out that the smartphone market is continuing to shrink with all key players losing ground.

Ford patents police car which issues tickets without stopping you
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It can also plan ambushes

Ford has developed a patent for a police car that issues tickets without even pulling you over and an use AI to find good hiding spots to catch traffic violators.