No PS5 before 2020
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11 April 2018

No PS5 before 2020

Kotaku insists Charlie got it all wrong

Kotaku insists that Charlie Demerjian's theory that the PS5's launch window is 2018 or early 2019  is complete pants.

Apple forced to pay troll
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VirnetX dispute enters the eighth year

An eight year court battle between Apple and a patent troll has entered its eighth year with a federal court in Texas ordering Apple to pay $502.6 million to a patent troll called VirnetX.

US senate committe gives Zuckerburg an easy ride
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Easy to answer conspiracy theories

We expected Mark Zuckerburg to get an easy ride from US senators yesterday after it was revealed that Facebook had given most of them on average $6,000 lobbying money over the years, but some of the questions he received were just daft. Our favourite was an easy-to-refute conspiracy theory that Facebook listens in on your conversations via microphones to display relevant ads.

THX  and Qualcomm team up
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Want to make some next-generation noise

THX - which is better known for movie and consumer electronics - has teamed up with Qualcomm to create an end-to-end THX Spatial Audio workflow using MPEG-H for the delivery of next-generation immersive audio experiences at NAB 2018.

Apple unlikely to dump Intel by 2020
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It is probably just an attempt to get a price reduction

Last week the Tame Apple Press was reporting how Apple was going to dump Intel and use its flavour of ARM chips in its MacOS computers.

Uber facing criminal charges in France
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Ran an illegal taxi service

A top EU court has ruled that France is entitled to bring criminal proceedings against local managers of ride-hailing app Uber for running an illegal taxi service.

Apple kills iPhone 8 functions after servicing
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Punishing users who dared not to use its servicing team

The outfit which claims it cares for its users more than Facebook, Apple, has been killing off touch functionality in iPhone 8s for those who dared to use an outside person to fix their broken screens.

Microsoft open sources part of Windows
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In the 1990s this would have been unthinkable

Software king of the world Microsoft has open sourced its 1990s era File Manager for Windows 3.0. The code, which is available on Github under the MIT OSS licence, compiles under Windows 10.

Woz quits Facebook over privacy concerns
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Users get none of the profits back

The brains behind Apple, dancing queen and all round good bloke Steve Wozniak has quit the social notworking site Facebook over growing concern for the carelessness with which Facebook and other Internet companies treat the private information of users.

Asustek takes on Nvidia's GeForce Partner Programme
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New AMD gaming brand called Ares

Asustek is taking on the card maker named after a Roman vengeance demon, Nvidia with an unpopular Greek God who was hated by his parents.