Finland invests in Nokia
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Making sure no one sells it to the Chinese

Finland’s government investment arm Solidium has acquired a 3.3 percent stake in Nokia at a cost of about 844 million euro to strengthen government influence over the telecom network gear maker.

Microsoft has issues with women who don't want good karma
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Huge numbers of complaints about gender discrimination or sexual harassment

Software King of the World Microsoft, whose boss said that women would get bad karma if they were aggressive about getting money for their work, is suffering from a wave of internal complaints about gender discrimination or sexual harassment.

Nvidia GeForce Partner Programme has anticompetitive elements
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Dirty deeds done dirty cheap

The GPU maker named after a Roman vengeance daemon has been accused of some anti-competitive dealings in its GeForce Partner Programme.

Broadcom moves back to US
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Will be "American" two days before Qualcomm takeover bid

Singapore-based Broadcom will have redomiciled to the United States by April 3, two days before the chipmaker’s acquisition target Qualcomm's annual shareholder meeting where it is planning to mount a hostile take-over.

Android users more loyal than Apple fanboys
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Cargo cult less of a hotbed of loyalty

The days of Apple depending on Android users to defect while maintaining its own loyal fanbase are over, according to a new survey.

GNU developer abandons action against Geniatech
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GNU troll back down is a victory for open sauce

Former Linux developer Patrick McHardy dropped his Gnu General Public License version 2 (GPLv2) violation case against Geniatech in a German court this week.

Apple deals with crumbling empire
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... with a keyboard that fights crumbs

Fruity cargo cult Apple, which is having huge problems with coming up with anything new, has developed a keyboard which can see off humanity's greatest enemy – the crumb.

Untouchables arrest Phantom Secure boss
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Flogging security hardened blackberries to crims

The FBI has arrested the owner of Phantom Secure as part of a complex law enforcement operation clamping down on the trade in security hardened blackberries to criminals.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee thinks FCC's Pai poorly advised
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No-one could be that much of an idiot on their own

The Father of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said that he had lunch with the FCC boss Ajit Pai but failed to get him to change his mind on neutrality.

Softbank considering giving ARM some debt
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You aren't a proper company unless you owe someone

Japan’s SoftBank is considering raising around $5 billion of loans though its UK based chipmaker ARM .