Apple under criminal investigation for throttling
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DoJ and Securities and Exchange Commission want an explanation

It seems that Apple’s battery throttling antics have sparked a criminal investigation.

US government strong arms telcos to abandon Huawei
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Verizon surrenders

US telcos are under government pressure to stop offering to sell Huawei phones.

Xerox to combine with Fujifilm
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Hopes to see off shareholder revolt

Xerox is close to agreeing on a deal that would combine the printer and photocopier company with Japan’s Fujifilm in a bid to revive its fortunes and thwart an activist shareholder revolt.

SAP  invests more in clouds
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Strategic transition in Callidus

The maker of expensive management software which is so esoteric few people know what it does has decided to invest $2.4 billion to get more practical about clouds.

AI might have a few problems with older shoppers
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Better things to do

Less than half of older shoppers are comfortable with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future, according to new research into online fashion buying.

Apple planning to move to ARM for Macs
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Tame Apple Press demands AMD and Intel should surrender immediately

It is all over for Intel and AMD chip market according to the Tame Press because the fruity cargo cult is going to build its own chips.

Apple might not make another iPhone SE
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If one arrives, it will be the same as the old one

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a research note today that casts doubt on rumours about a second-generation iPhone SE launching in the second quarter of 2018.

MPEG model is broken
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30 January 2018

MPEG model is broken

Founder calls for rubber band to hold it together

The bloke who founded MPEG said that its business model is borked.

Microsoft kills off Spectre patch
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Your computer is safe from the Intel patch, it is just insecure again

Microsoft has released an emergency Windows update to disable Intel's troublesome microcode fix for the Spectre Variant 2 attack.

Homepod outclassed by Amazon and Google intelligent speakers
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Tame Apple Press realises it is an expensive lemon, it just can't say it

Apple’s Homepod is an expensive lemon which is technologically far behind its rivals - the only problem is that the Tame Apple Press is unable to say it.