Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Permanent Authorized Key Super Deals
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Only For $12.60

Windows licenses are usually expensive. for example, for an original license from Microsoft windows 10 PRO "in the official Microsoft store 259 euros.

ADATA announces new Ultimate SU630 SSD
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2.5-inch SATA SSD with 3D QLC NAND

ADATA has unveiled its latest Ultimate SU630 2.5-inch SATA 6Gbps SSD based on next-generation 3D QLC (Quad-Level Cell) NAND.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 October 2018 update
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Although it is mid-November

It took them a bit longer than normal but Microsoft has now finally released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update which adds support for DirectX Raytracing, the new Dark Mode, smaller/faster update, as well as some other features and updates.

Seasonic adjusts US prices due to new trade tariffs
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Anywhere between $5 and $20

Seasonic has announced the new US price list for power supply units which comes as a result of the recent trade war between China and the US.

Intel outsourcing entry-level and chipset production
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Fighting those shortages

According to the latest report, Intel might be outsourcing some of its entry-level processor and chipset production to other foundries, with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) being the only viable option.

AMD officially launches two new 2nd-gen Threadripper CPUs
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The 24-core 2970WX and 12-core 2920X

As expected and announced earlier, AMD has officially added two new 2nd-generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs to its lineup, including the 24-core/48-thread Threadripper 2970WX and the 12-core/24-thread Threadripper 2920X.

Cooler Master unveils 24-pin ATX 90° adapter
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Move and hide that 24-pin ATX plug

Cooler Master has unveiled the new ATX 24-pin 90° Adapter, a new accessory that will move and hide any standard 24-pin ATX power plug.

Dell announced 49-inch U4919DW monitor
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Dual Quad HD monitor with 3800R curvature

Dell has unveiled the new Ultrasharp series monitor which is pretty much two 2560x1440 monitors joined into a single unit, featuring a total resolution of 5120x1440 on a 49-inch 3800R curved panel, the Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW.

AMD to launch two new Threadrippers on October 29th
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24-core and 12-core SKUs

According to details spotted on AMD's UK Twitter account, the company will launch two new Ryzen Threadripper SKUs, the 2970WX and the 2920X, both available worldwide on October 29th.

AMD’s Lisa Su to keynote CES 2019
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Talk about 7nm CPU and GPU

Last week it was announced that AMD’s President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will be a keynote speaker at the CES 2019. This is a big step up for a smaller x86 player as this use to be a spot for the big players including Intel, Microsoft or Qualcomm.