AMD lost a key salesman to Lenovo
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Matthew Zielinski, President and SVP

This happened over a month ago but I noticed recently that the former Corporate VP and President of Global sales MNC at AMD departed to do the same for job for Lenovo. This might be the biggest sales loss since John Byrne went to become the President of Sales at Dell.

Nvidia Ampere is the next generation
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The one after 2018 Turing

Fudzilla wants to make something clear. Ampere is not a mining GPU, it is not a gaming, and it is not an AI-focused Tensor Core GPU, it is all of the above, and comes after Turing 2018 GPU.

Jensen thinks Quantum is the future
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Exclusive:  Will be important

Last week at the GTC we saw Jen Hsung Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia walking by, and of course, we had to ask him a question. The single thing I wanted to ask was his opinion about Quantum computing.

Apple to kick out Intel in 2020
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Intel has one percent Apple profits

The market is upset about the leaked news that Apple might dump Intel in its future notebooks in 2020. Apple is working on its own Kalamata chip that could power phones, tablets and Macs in the future.

Linux driver reveals Vega 20
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That is the Vega 7nm

Many of our colleagues were excited to see the confirmation of the existence of the chip called Vega 20. This is what AMD introduced back in January as the Vega 7nm, and it is a compute chip.  

Windows Redstone 4 17133 is out
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Feature update version 1803

This might be the last Redstone insider preview before Microsoft officially releases its Redstone 4 spring update of the software, and it is available for X86 and ARM – Snapdragon 835 Windows 10 users on a slow update ring today.

Autopilot was engaged in second fatal self-driving crash
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Tough one for Tesla X

On Friday, March 23rd a man identified as an Apple engineer and former EA programmer Walter Huang died in a fatal accident when his Tesla X hit a median barrier on Highway 101 in Mountain View. Tesla has now officially confirmed that autopilot was engaged.

Nvidia announces Automotive SoC Orin
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Gives little to none details

Nvidia’s CEO, the man  known for his  two hour plus keynotes that tend to become even longer, has announced the company's next generation automotive chip codenamed Orin. Nvidia gave few details about the chip but did mention it is expected to perform similarly to Pegasus.

Nvidia Pegasus to sample in Q3 2018
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Professor Xavier sampling now

The automotive industry is very slow to adopt technology and traditionally the life cycle of a car is six years. Every third year the car gets a facelift improvement but generally every six years you can expect a totally new platform. With that in mind, Nvidia Drive Xavier and Pegasus won’t go into production before 2019.

Snapdragon 845 phone designs can become laptops
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Phone PCB can be used for notebook too

One important change is coming in the second part of 2018. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 on Windows 10 design will be much easier as the company designed it so that the phone PCB design literary fits in a notebook. Manufacturers will be able to use the Phone PCB and with much less effort create a Snapdragon 845 for a Windows 10 notebook or tablet.