Nvidia Xavier almost taped out
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CEO confirms

Nvidia Xavier, the next generation Tegra focused on self-driving, is almost taped out.

Nvidia Tensor RT 3 speeds up inferencing by 100X
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4.8 FPS on CPU to 550 FPS on Volta

Nvidia has come up with a new optimized complier called Tensor RT 3 and demonstrated how Volta obliterates a modern server CPU.

iPhone 8, iPhone X lacks Gigabit LTE
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Bucking the industry trend

Apple makes the most arrogant statements in the industry and has stripped its users of their Gigabit LTE support for iPhone 8 and the upcoming iPhone X.

Zen 2 shapes up for 2019
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30 September 2017

Zen 2 shapes up for 2019

12nm after 2018 and 7nm for 2019

It looks like it will be 12nm for RyZen's successor in early 2018 and in 2019 AMD is planning Zen's 2 core 7nm based Matisse follow up

Android TV and Shield talk like a Goggle Assistant now
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Another nail in Google Now's coffin

Nvidia just announced its long waited Shield experience 6.0 which features Google Assistant support.

Google announces HTC cooperation agreement
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Some employees and rights pick up

After many quarters of financial decay and many rumors, Google has announced that it plans to acquire HTC employees and some of the IP licensing rights.  

Apple's iPhone "X" is an Android copy cat
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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus overshadowed

iPhone X is the flagship iPhone that Apple fanboys will be giving up their kidneys to own. It has OLED, face unlock and edge to edge display and if it looks the same as the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, it is because it is pretty much the same as a Galaxy S8 with its edge to edge display – why waste money on design teams when Samsung has done your job for you.

Apple Watch 3 has a cellular connection
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Water resistant but the same case

Apple has just announced its Watch Series 3. The new watch has LTE, eSIM a new dual processor and  water resistance in case you are tempted to flush it down the loo.

Apple’s A11 has Apple GPU
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Fudzilla told you 2 years ago

Apple A11 is a six core ARM based SoC that now has Apple graphics inside. Apple claims that it is 30 percent faster than the previous PowerVR GPU in the iPhone 7. Fudzilla exclusively reported about this almost two years ago, and we were right.

iPhone won’t start at $1200
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The most expensive might get close

There has been a lot of discussion that the next generation iPhone, the one that many call the iPhone 8 (7S), will cost as much as $1200, but we can confirm that this will not be the starting price.