Web is starting to die
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17 November 2017

Web is starting to die

Inventor worried it will go the way of the passenger pigeon 

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is starting to fear that the WWW - which he invented - is starting to die off.

Wordpress sites under attack
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More than 1.5 million pages defaced

More than 1.5 million Wordpress sites have been defaced after hackers took advantage of a vulnerability in the REST API, patched in WordPress version 4.7.2.

Immigrate to Canada site falls over
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Escaping the Orange revolution

The Canadian government’s immigration website crashed as thousands of Americans fearing the nation’s decision to elect its first Orange president tried to escape across the northern border to escape the new tyranny.

One in three net users attempt digital detox
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Hey you, get off of our cloud

A report by British regulator Ofcom said the time people are on the internet has increased so much that one in three adults in the UK are consciously giving up their reliance on gadgets.

Amazon’s web services make its fortune
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Books less so

Although it is more famous for its book sales, Amazon is making piles of cash thanks to its web services.

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